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Week Five of Ranking the Field: The best of "American Idol" so far

Confessions of an Idol addict lists Megan in his Top 12, yay!

Now the fun begins, with fans getting their first chance to vote on Tuesday night. Although the top contenders looked strong during the Hollywood round, there's also a chance for surprises because some people have had very little airtime so far.

Ranking the Field. is my top 12 ranking of the best prospects, and it will be updated every week. If you disagree with my ranking, by all means use the comments area to share your own.

The rankings are based on: judges' assessment of talent; my assessment of talent; potential revealed in Youtube clips; and Web buzz as perceived by me (this is in large part a popularity contest).

11. (NR) Megan Corkrey (Sandy, Utah) — The punkish strands of hair-coloring from her first audition are gone -- Is she cleaning up her image?