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myfina in mcorkrey

American Idol: Group 2

Next week Group 2 will perform on American Idol and Megan is in this group. Pleas remember to call for her, only the highest male and female vote getter will advance to the Top 12 along with the next highest vote getter, male or female.

* Megan Corkrey
* Kris Allen
* Mishavonna Henson
* Matt Breitzke
* Allison Iraheta
* Matt Giraud
* Jasmine Murray
* Kai Kalama
* Jesse Langseth
* Adam Lambert
* Jeanine Vailes
* Nick Mitchell


I think it really hurts Megan now that FOX didn't show her more, especially not her singing but maybe she'll be able to blow everyone away with her performance next week. I think that Mishavonna, Allison and Jasmine are hard to fight though.

What do you think?