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myfina in mcorkrey

Reviews for last night's performance

"American Idol" Top 36, Group 2: Megan Corkrey keeps it simple

Megan Joy Corkrey sang "Put Your Records On," originally recorded by Corinne Bailey Rae.

Despite the odd shimmying in front of the mic stand, she did OK. Her vocals shined more in the later half of the song. And she's a sweetheart.

Randy - "You're very interesting. I love the tone of your voice."
Kara - "You're very pretty. With the right song, you could have a break-out song on the radio."
Paula - "The camera is in love with you. You did everything right."
Simon - "You're a funny little thing, aren't you. It started to get shouty in the second half of the song."


Megan Corkrey -- Right song, right look, right sound. There's just something about her that I like. Judges used the word "interesting" a lot.

Forgive her! Give Megan Corkrey a shot in the 'American Idol' top 12
Just hear me out. I admit, Megan Corkrey did not even come close to knocking it out of the park Wednesday with "Put Your Records On." Or as one might put it in "Randy," she didn't blow it off the box.

Nothing like her amazing “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man” audition, which I've been trying to sing in my own bad karaoke way for weeks.

Paula hearts Megan.

But I heart Megan too – Megan Joy Corkrey, as we’re supposed to call her now. And Simon Cowell is right, she is a funny little thing. Kara DioGuardi is right too, she is a “package artist” in need of a defining song.

I didn’t like her cocky moment saying she “rocked” the second part of her song. I agreed with Simon that her vocals weren't top notch.

But think about who we already have: Danny Gokey is like David Cook with a better personal story. He’s a lock for the finals. Adam Lambert – not my speed. Allison Iraheta has been compared to Kelly Clarkson enough to make me wonder if we shouldn’t just write better songs for Kelly Clarkson, since we already have her.

We don’t have anyone like Megan Corkrey on "American Idol." That’s my argument. Let someone unique through. A Jason Castro type -- not in voice, but in "one of these things is not like the other..." style.

As Simon said the first night, explaining why her audition was his favorite to date: “Because you’re different.”

We didn't get to see that Wednesday and it's frustrating since she made such an impression on the judges and fans -- and me -- back in Salt Lake City.

Give her another shot. Just one more, I won’t push my luck too much. I’ve already dubbed myself her official web promoter (we all need a calling), but I’m willing to give up if she doesn’t genuinely start rocking it. We didn’t see her Hollywood week performances and it made me nervous when Simon said she had some rough patches.

Cowboy up, Megan! Put those tattoos and your “Corkrey dance” to work.